April is National Volunteer Month, a celebration of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to improve communities across the country. At this time, I would like to personally thank all of the wonderful volunteer host families of Rexburg, Sugar City, St. Anthony and Terreton who have opened up their hearts and their homes to exchange students through EF Foundation for Foreign Study.

Our hosts have welcomed our young international visitors with open arms, making them members of their families and providing them with a true American experience. Our students will return home this summer with wonderful new perspectives on America and our way of life.  Further, by bringing exchange students into our town, our host families are helping to bring the world to our community, introducing us to new customs, cultures and traditions.

On behalf of the students and staff of EF Foundation, our warmest thanks to our gracious hosts! To those interested in bringing a bit of the world into their home and our community, I encourage you to consider becoming one of our extraordinary volunteer families. More information is available at (800) 44-SHARE (74273) or on the Web at www.effoundation.org.

With many thanks to everyone,

Sharon K. Leevy

International Exchange Coordinator

EF Foundation for Foreign Study

St. Anthony


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