ST. ANTHONY — Tarango D. Padilla, 39, who escaped from the St. Anthony Work Camp last July has had additional time added to the 15-year sentence he had already been serving.

Padilla was apprehended in Nampa on Dec. 1, 2012 when Canyon County deputies, acting on a tip, located him at a home there.

At the Fremont County Courthouse Tuesday, Padilla was sentenced by District Judge Gregory Moeller to one year and five months in prison for a felony charge of escape by one convicted of, or on probation for a felony.

Padilla pleaded guilty to the charge.

The sentence will run consecutively with Padilla's seven to 15-year sentence he received on April 25, 2011 in Twin Falls County for two counts of grand theft.

Moeller also fined Padilla $1,000.

During the sentencing hearing Moeller made a recommendation to the Idaho Department of Corrections that Padilla not be allowed to participate in any work-camp type programs.

He told Padilla that his actions in escaping undermine public confidence in facilities such as the St. Anthony Work camp and make it harder for deserving low-risk inmates to participate in those types of beneficial programs.

Padilla had been eluding police since July 5 when he walked away from the St. Anthony Work Camp, a minimum security facility.

He was declared missing after an evening roll call July 5 and law enforcement officials believe he used a stolen Fremont County pickup to escape.

The pickup truck was taken from Fremont County's Road and Bridge Department compound on the south side of St. Anthony. It was discovered July 10 abandoned at a truck stop in Idaho Falls.


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