JEFFERSON COUNTY — More cattle in Fremont County will be subject to blood testing for brucellosis as Idaho agricultural officials are expanding the Designated Surveillance Area for the disease.

Tom Williams, an Idaho State Department of Agriculture veterinarian for east Idaho, said the expansion of the DSA is being made because cattle in Fremont County have a proximity to grazing wildlife that can transmit brucellosis.

The DSA currently covers the eastern edge of Fremont County, all of Teton County and eastern portions of Bonneville County.

Area cattlemen and public officials will meet Friday evening at Louis Skaar and Sons Feedlot in Lewisville to discuss the ongoing problem with brucellosis in cattle and the change in the DSA.

Williams said early Friday that the focus of the meeting would be on the expansion of the brucellosis surveillance area and its effect on Fremont County.

“We have a problem with the fact that elk and bison in the greater Yellowstone Park area carry brucellosis and we’re getting transfer to domestic cattle,” he said Friday prior to the meeting.

Williams said the main problem is that infected cattle can further spread the disease and other states are concerned about cattle in our area.

He said additional meetings on the problem are also being planned for Fremont County.

According to the web site:, brucellosis is a disease that causes abortion or premature calving of recently infected animals.

Raw milk from an infected cow may also harbor the bacteria and cause undulant fever in humans.


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